uSleep Consulting
Lean VoIP solutions for Competitive Carriers

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Who we are:

uSleep is a nomadic consultancy manned by Bucky Wolfe. We specialize in the development, design, and maintenance of VoIP services. Building simple, secure, maintainable systems on top of proven open source software is our philosophy.

We like to think we're particularly well-suited to working with smaller CLECs and Wireless ISPs, as they need to be as unburdened as possible in both infrastructure cost/complexity and internal process time.

Services we provide:

Initial design and deployment of VoIP Services:
Registrar, Media Services, Provisioning Servers, VQM, CDR Collection
Account provisioning for new client setups:
Manual provisioning for small scale deployments
Customer consultation for ensuring success with large deployments
VoIP Troubleshooting:
Debugging signaling and media quality issues from Traces / Packet Captures
Backend development in Ruby, Python, Go, or PHP
Integration with Asterisk, 2600hz, CUCM, Twilio, and Cloud Provider APIs
General Sysadmin:
Deployment and Maintenance of Linux or OpenBSD systems
Creation of custom configuration management assets (Chef or Ansible)
Ownership and Maintenance of Public Cloud infrastructure