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On-call IT Guys, for your small business.

Most of the time, small businesses can't justify the cost of onboarding dedicated IT staff. Yet, when it comes to IT infrastructure, small businesses have a lot of the same needs as large corporate enterprises. They need a working phone system, a website, email, network infrastructure for the office, reliable PCs, a data storage solution with off-site backup, and a disaster recovery strategy for when the inevitable happens.

We try to bridge that gap with a solution that makes sense for small business owners. As a monthly service, we'll come out and deploy any infrastructure that you need, give your PCs a tune-up, and add every system that's important to the flow of your business to our proactive monitoring system. That way, we're able to act on potential outages before they can impact you or your customers. We also bundle in 2 hours of general purpose consulting time a month, so if you need a change made to your website, phone system, or can't get your new printer to work, we've got you covered.

Pricing & Services

Simple Services, Honest Pricing

Managed Services

Everything mentioned above, Includes 2 hours of general-purpose IT consulting/month.


VoIP Service

Fully managed phones. With every feature you'd expect from a business phone system.


Web Presence

Hosting, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google local and Facebook pages.

$250 + $20/mo

Project work

Custom development. Billed hourly, never for research or phone time, only for real work.


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